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  • Classroom Video Criteria

    *IMPORTANT: Please ensure that all Individuals participating in your video have signed this release form before submitting your video to AIM.

    Immersion students:

    Gesturing spontaneously to move from one activity to another – going to centres, explaining a game, getting ready for lunch/outside

    Gesture review

    Practising the play with the whole class

    Primary core French

    As above and also, for those who write, modelling writing activities – any of the language manipulation activities as well as written story retelling and extension

    Students working in partners on activities 

    Students speaking speaking spontaneously

    Explaining an activity by gesturing for students to speak

    Entry routine in the hall, then moving into the class to sit down on the floor

    For grades 2-3 also:

    Gesturing explanation of where play groups are rehearsing 

    Moving around, speaking spontaneously to students (no gestures) as they are doing written activities or are rehearsing the play

    Word association review

    Opposites review

    Total questions (oral and written)

    partial questions (oral and written)

    5 minute dance rehearsal – how to explain, get kids up and begin dancing.

    Describe the image/photo – have students look at image of the play performed, stopped at one point  students come up with sentences to describe it.