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  • Intensive French and AIM

    The goal of AIM

    Oral and written proficiency has been one of the most difficult things to achieve rapidly in a second language course. The primary goal and unique, proven success of AIM is to accelerate language acquisition from zero to critical proficiency as quickly as possible.


    The effectiveness of AIM in creating an environment for accelerated learning

    Particularly in Intensive French, Immersion and Bilingual programs, the faster students build a foundation of fluency, the more motivated, happy, secure, relaxed, successful they will be and thus the possibilities for learning overall will be enhanced. (Krashen’s affective filter (1983))


    The unique need for accelerated learning in Intensive French

    Teachers have reported anecdotally that students in the first years of Immersion programs that use AIM, reach levels of fluency by the middle of the first year that they typically do no reach until the beginning of the second year when AIM is not used. As Intensive French lasts only one half of the first year, it is most particularly important in this context that we see this same accelerated language development through the first few months.


    AIM allows for the full Intensive French program to be supported and delivered effectively

    Positive results from the implementation of the core AIM program may be seen with only 2 half hour blocks dedicated to the core AIM content per day. This leaves substantial time for other subjects. AIM will not detract from but rather will enhance the possibilities for success of an Intensive French program. In addition, the AIM philosophy and good teaching practices may be applied in other subject areas of the Intensive French program to enhance learning of the subject as well.

    These include how to:

    • ensure a multi-modal approach, so that all students’ needs with respect to learning styles/multiple intelligences
    • question for differentiation
    • contextualize effectively,
    • use rhythm and rhyme to enhance acquisition,
    • provide sufficient pleasant repetition,
    • ensure active learning and constant language production,
    • scaffold to maximize successful learning
    • teach grammar inductively so that it is meaningful and always applied


    AIM’s content-based approach teaches more than language

    AIM promotes more than language learning alone. It builds skills in literacy (the writing process/editing) dramatic arts, public speaking, cooperative learning, music/dance.


    Suggestions for comparative studies in Intensive French

    Where AIM is established already in one area, conduct a study whereby a select number of Intensive French classes use AIM. They use the first two kits, levels one and two, during the first 100 hours of instruction during the first the six month’s of Intensive French. Compare the results of the students’ oral and written proficiency, motivation, feeling of security, success and attitude toward the language at the end of the initial six-month Intensive French period with those who have not been taught with AIM.


    Post initial six-month Intensive French and AIM

    Once the six-month period is over and students in the Intensive French program receive one block or French per day, AIM may continue to accelerate language development in this, the model in which it has had the most success to date. Once critical proficiency has been achieved, the creative AIM content allows for an enriching, vibrant language learning experience that promotes the development of creative language skills through its arts- and literacy-based content.