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      • GestureLis
        Are you a Gesture Guru?
        The Who, What, Where, and Why of Using Gestures in the AIM Classroomby Cheryl Roper

        So, you work with your Teacher DVD at least 15 minutes every night. You’ve memorized the gestures for every word from Section A to Z for your kit. You’ve practiced gesturing whole sentences, partial question, and total questions. You can even gesture the entire play at normal speaking pace and your colleagues say you’re as fluid in motion as a maestro conducting a symphony orchestra. You know that gestures are the key to bringing fluency to your students without using their first language. You know that gestures keep your students engaged physically and mentally in the classroom. You know that, by using gestures, you are giving your students the capacity to story language in two separate parts of their brains. But, are you truly a Gesture Guru? Take this simple quiz and read on to find out.

      • student gesturing image3
        Another New Beginning in my Immersion Classroom

        Ann Chiasson is a certified AIM teacher, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ann delivers AIM workshops, inspiring and supporting new and experienced teachers who wish to use AIM in their French immersion program!

        Another summer has gone and a new school year has begun. Once again, I am faced with a group of 20 adorable (most of the time) 4 and 5 years olds who have no knowledge of French. As I observed them on the first day of class, I couldn’t help wondering what I had gotten myself into. The blank stares, the requests for me to speak in English, the repeated exclamations that they do not understand a word I am saying, made me question my choice of teaching full-day French immersion kindergarten for the umpteenth time. I mean seriously! Am I nuts, some kind of masochist or a sucker for punishment? And then I sat down to do my first AIM lesson and as I enthusiastically gestured “Bonjour,

      • teacher-training
        AIM Summer Institute!

        The AIM Summer Institute is ALWAYS a highlight of the year for me! It is an action-packed few days where AIM teachers from all over the world – from brand-new to those we have come to now over many years – join our wonderful team of passionate AIM facilitators.

        AIM is not just about good teaching practice – although we do come together to share ideas and develop as teachers! what AIM Summer Institutes offer is the opportunity for language teachers to come together to celebrate successes, to laugh, sing, dance, learn and be creative!

        It is a fantastic way to kick off the summer holidays. As you relax and enjoy time with your families, you also have time to reflect on what you have learned at the Summer Institute. Re-charged and ready to begin a new school year in September, you can take your memories of the fun and learning you experienced with you into the classroom!