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  • An Introduction to the AIM for Beginning AIM French Teachers!

    Date: August 15  to August 17, 2017

    The Language Centre Woodcroft School
    13750 Woodcroft Avenue,
    Edmonton, AB T5M 3M4

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    Date & Time

    9:00am-3:00pm each day
    Continental breakfast at 8:30am


    Discover the power of the AIM for teaching French!

    The Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) is a literacy approach that uses effective strategies and techniques to accelerate language acquisition in a fun and creative environment. Through its multimodal design, the AIM provides support for all learners with varying learning styles, intelligences and strengths. Embedded in the design of the program are many principles of Universal Design for Learning. The AIM has proven successful at ensuring an inclusive second language classroom.

    This workshop is designed for French teachers of beginning learners in grades K-8 (ages 4-13).


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    Workshop Details

    Day 1

    This interactive and practical workshop will give you the opportunity to discover and try some of the AIM’s innovative techniques. You will learn how to:

    • Get your students speaking French and use gestures to establish (painlessly!) a French-only classroom environment from the very first day of classes
    • Encourage language production from all students at all levels
    • Scaffold activities to ensure maximum student confidence and success
    • Use music and choreography to create an active and engaging classroom environment
    • Work with AIM plays at the beginning levels and utilize the effectiveness of a story-based approach
    • Introduce basic language manipulation activities
    Day 2

    The facilitator will continue to focus on the unique tools and strategies used in an AIM classroom. Topics covered will include:

    • How to maximize use of gestures and have students speaking with you at all times
    • How to implement story retelling and story extension activities
    • How to correct work with an emphasis on error analysis as a way to refine grammar knowledge in context
    Workshop Facilitator


    Jennifer Jinks(B.A., Dip.Ed., M.Ed.), is a practising Certified AIM Teacher, has been teaching FSL for 9 years and has taught in both Alberta and Ontario. Jennifer has worked with Poster Pals on various teaching resources and authored the FSL Word Wall and High-Frequency Interactions software.

    Apply for Seattle University Credits!

    AIM workshops and online professional development are approved by Seattle University:

    Two-Day Workshop = 1 Credit
    Summer Institute = 2 Credits
    Online Certificate = 10 Credits

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