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  • How to become an AIM Certified Teacher

    The only way to be sure that you are achieving the highest level of AIM implementation possible is by enrolling in our Certification Program. A qualified mentor will work to support you to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to take your students to a high level of proficiency. Many school administrators are now requiring AIM teachers in their language departments to be AIM Certified. You will not only be the best AIM teacher for your students, but will be able to access teaching positions where being an AIM qualified teacher is desirable.

    AIM Teacher Certification entails personal, self-paced, online study, and must be completed within a maximum of 12 months from acceptance. Up to six hours of support, training and guidance from a personal mentor is allotted to each teacher who enters the certification process. Becoming a Certified AIM Teacher involves working through all eleven modules in the AIM Online Teacher Training site with the personal guidance of your mentor who evaluates and helps develop your AIM teaching skills. This site acts as the platform for certification and all work is submitted to your mentor for assessment. Certification also requires successful completion at least 150 hours of AIM classroom teaching (three AIM kits), the submission of classroom footage and samples of students’ written work.

    A teacher may not begin certification before contacting the AIM office for pre-approval.
    North America: 1-800-668-6288, International: (1) 604-984-0015

    To learn more about the requirements needed to begin AIM certification, please download and review the Pre-Certification requirements.

    Key Information:

    • Certification is designed for an AIM teacher who has successfully completed at least 150 hours of AIM delivery (three AIM kits)
    • Those accepted have a maximum of 12 months to complete certification
    • Up to six hours of personal support, training and guidance is provided by a mentor
    • The AIM office and website keeps a permanent list of AIM Certified Teachers for employers to verify a teacher’s AIM qualification
    • Includes one year’s access to the AIM Online Teacher Training site
    • Teachers who complete certification are eligible to apply for 10 Seattle University post-baccalaureate credits
    • A teacher may not begin certification before contacting our office for pre-approval. To learn more of the requirements needed before beginning AIM certification, please download and review the Pre-Certification requirements.You also can download and review the Certification Handbook, which outlines the course and guidelines.
    Fee: $599