“My son first started the AIM program in school in Grade 4. This is such a great program that helps students advance their reading and comprehension of French. Initially, I wondered why Grade 4s were working on the story of the 3 little pigs! However, using a story that the students are already familiar with is a helpful strategy! My son’s French improved tremendously and he enjoyed working hard in the online portal and going through the activities. I would definitely recommend this program!”

Tisha – Parent of AIM Student

“I want to say ‘Thank you – Merci :)’ from the bottom of my heart for teaching [my daughter]. You are an AMAZING TEACHER!!! She’s learning well and when she’s not in class with you, she shows off her French speaking skills to everyone at home. Thank you again! 

I’m excited that she’s now doing session 2 with you and learning even more. I have recommended you to some of her friends and others in my neighbourhood. I will continue to spread the word!”

Shauna – Parent of student in ‘AIM at Home’ classes

“I am the parent of a grade one french immersion student at Captain Michael VandenBos PS here in Whitby ON. I, on a weekly basis attend the class to help the teacher prep work for the children in her class and recently helped with the play poule Maboule (I produced the character costumes). I have feedback and questions MY jaw drops everytime i hear one of the students converse with each other and the teacher……..in such a short time my son and his fellow class mates have excelled beyond my expectations for grade one french and Thanks to your programs. WOW!!!!!! My questions is………do you have/sell/provide/host any programs or material for a parent who is interested in catching up to his or her child? When my husband and I decided this would be a good challedge for our son……….i figured I could maybe stay in step with him or at least a few steps ahead in learning the language……well your programs proves me wrong on both…..the son can out speak me anyday of the week…wow!!! If there is anything I can do to obtain the same material he has been learning…..I would be very much interested in finding out more. Yours truly (impressed).”

Tammy Lopez – Parent

“To my utter amazement, my son is flourishing in French in Ms. Duckworth’s class where Wendy Maxwell’s programme is taught. He loves French class and comes home talking to me in French. We are so pleased with his progress.”

Darla, Toronto, ON

“Within two short years, my son can speak, write and understand French. He has even composed short plays in French! In fact, he had recently visited Montreal for a school hockey tournament and billeted for three days with a family there. He was able to speak to the family and others in French. This program is truly incredible. Looking back at my experience in French, I can say that it took me much longer to get to where he is now. I see now that learning French does not have to be such a struggle. It can actually be enjoyable – as I am witnessing every day with my son.”

Angie, Toronto, ON

“Just to let you know Valerie has been going around the house speaking and singing FRENCH constantly! Starting to drive me crazy. Should make you happy though.” (Valerie had been studying AIM French for just 10 lessons)

Corinne, New York.