“If I haven’t said it enough to you over the years, thank you for helping me have the best teaching years of my life. AIM truly made me love my work and see my students grow and shine every day. What you have created is truly incredible and I am forever grateful.”

Joëlle Rudick, Teacher

“I have never come across a better second language program. My students are engaged, they are interacting in French and I can stay in the target language for the whole period and feel confident that my students understand. The support team at Aim Language Learning is phenomenal. I love the Online Teacher Training Portal. It is such a valuable resource for a new Aim teacher. Even students who struggle in their first language can find success in French if you use AIM. I am so proud to say that I am an Aim teacher because Aim gets results!”

Mandy-Sue Dubreuil, core French teacher, Grafton, ON

“My son first started the AIM program in school in Grade 4. This is such a great program that helps students advance their reading and comprehension of French. Initially, I wondered why Grade 4s were working on the story of the 3 little pigs! However, using a story that the students are already familiar with is a helpful strategy! My son’s French improved tremendously and he enjoyed working hard in the online portal and going through the activities. I would definitely recommend this program!”

Tisha – Parent of AIM Student

“I am just finishing up my first year with the AIM program in grades 9 and 10. I am online only, every second day with the kids for 45 min.
It is unreal how much French many of them have learned. I have kids literally thanking me for teaching them this way this year. They say it is the only class they have learned an extensive amount in this year, a Covid year.”

Chantelle Schoofs – Teacher

I placed an order for four new AIM kids on Monday and they have already arrived. THEY ARE AMAZING. I’ve been using the kits from 2006 and these new ones are an amazing upgrade. They’re extremely organized and provided immediate answers to some questions I’ve had along the way so thanks so much for the clarity! So excited to start using these new resources!!!!

Thanks again for the work that you do!



Raven Nickel – Teacher

“I want to say ‘Thank you – Merci :)’ from the bottom of my heart for teaching [my daughter]. You are an AMAZING TEACHER!!! She’s learning well and when she’s not in class with you, she shows off her French speaking skills to everyone at home. Thank you again! 

I’m excited that she’s now doing session 2 with you and learning even more. I have recommended you to some of her friends and others in my neighbourhood. I will continue to spread the word!”

Shauna – Parent of student in ‘AIM at Home’ classes

“What has amazed everyone is the easy at which the students are communicating, the enthusiasm they demonstrate and how incredible fast they make the leap into written work! You have made and incredible product…how could anyone go back to the “old ways”.

Have a great day…you continue to be making mine!”

Tim Dittrick – Linden Christian School

“Totally innovative method that works! So impressed with students spoken French and interpretive skills.”

Sara Woodward-Jones, New York

“Because of Wendy, many teachers in BC have been able to teach French successfully in schools, even without having our own proficiency at first. The AIM program gave me the knowledge, confidence, and tools to teach hundreds of students in Grades K-7 in a French-Only instructional environment. These students developed a passion for the French language through stories, drama, games, writing and most of all SPEAKING.”

Rica Durnin, Vancouver B.C.

“I absolutely LOVE teaching with AIM. This is the only methodology I know of that gives students a real voice in a new language right from day one. As a teacher, I am constantly inspired by my students’ capacity to express themselves naturally and with enthusiasm, and they in turn tell me how much fun they have in their lessons. I am enjoying being one of the pioneers of AIM in the UK and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of this game-changing approach to language learning.”

Lynn Cook French AIM Teacher, UK