If I haven’t said it enough to you over the years, thank you for helping me have the best teaching years of my life. AIM truly made me love my work and see my students grow and shine every day. What you have created is truly incredible and I am forever grateful.
Wishing you all the best,

Joëlle Rudick

We are hiring a high school Spanish teacher for my school next year, so I had one candidate observe my classes a couple weeks ago. She was blown away by the students’ ability to speak spontaneously in the target language. Her response was, “Why in the world are all schools in the US not teaching Spanish this way? This is so much better than learning numbers and colors again and again each year!” I am hopeful that as more and more people hear about the AIM program in the US, its popularity here will grow. It is so much better than what most schools here are doing!

Jenny Purath, North Carolina

The ‘Improve your French with AIM’ course is an excellent introduction to AIM methodology and was a great way for me to practice using target language and gestures while improving my oral French speaking skills at the same time. As a teacher, I value the interactive approach to learning that AIM offers my students and see great benefits in the focus on oral production and repetition which is a key part of the methodology. I am excited to begin using the AIM methodology in my own classroom and look forward to watching my learners progress with their French skills!


…It was such a hands-on learning experience and I couldn’t believe that I had the opportunity to discover a program that taught the French language in such a meaningful way. My students were speaking French! They were coming to class motivated and excited to learn! By the end of the year I was truly amazed at the quality of writing in the stories that they had written. I was hooked.

Kathryn Harris – University Hill Secondary School

I have never come across a better second language program. My students are engaged, they are interacting in French and I can stay in the target language for the whole period and feel confident that my students understand. The support team at Aim Language Learning is phenomenal. I love the Online Teacher Training Portal. It is such a valuable resource for a new Aim teacher. Even students who struggle in their first language can find success in French if you use AIM. I am so proud to say that I am an Aim teacher because Aim gets results!”

Mandy-Sue Dubreuil, core French teacher, Grafton, ON

Dear Wendy, I wanted to write a message to let you know how grateful I am for the work you did for French teacher. It’s the end of the school year and I look back at all the people I was lucky to meet, and meeting you at a Summer Institute in 2008 was such a turning point for me. After 11 years in New Zealand I am now in Ireland but still so impressed by the quality of the AIM resources, the way the vocabulary and grammar are scaffolded and every year I have students who tell me thank you for teaching me languages in a way I can understand. And that is thanks to you and your research and your work. Thanks for being such an inspiration Wendy!

I am just finishing up my first year with the AIM program in grades 9 and 10. I am online only, every second day with the kids for 45 min.
It is unreal how much French many of them have learned. I have kids literally thanking me for teaching them this way this year. They say it is the only class they have learned an extensive amount in this year, a Covid year.

Chantelle Schoofs – Teacher

“I absolutely LOVE using the portals now that there are online workbooks and readers!! It is so great!!!”

Kristi Griffith – Las Vegas, Nevada

“I would just like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for having the resources ready for me to use as we transitioned very quickly from the classroom to online learning.  I used AIM as a portion of my teaching program and could easily have just gone with AIM and nothing else. I’m too tired to make a plan for the fall, but regardless of whether or not we are in the class, or online, or a combo, I will be purchasing online resources for my students.
The resources but also the amazing customer service have been deeply appreciated. Any time I had a question, or couldn’t figure something out, someone got back to me promptly, and I know it was a very busy time for you. MERCI beaucoup.”


Lucinda Henneveld – St John Brebeuf Catholic Highschool, Abbotsford, BC
“I’m enjoying using your method more and more. I’m sure you have heard a lot of praise and all kinds of positive feedback, but I want you to know that using AIM is also having some really good effects on my health! I cannot believe that so many Core French teachers still have to scramble constantly, panicking, looking for ideas and materials on the internet. My background is teaching ESL (mostly EFL in previous years) and the program was always more concrete, with fantastic resources from top-notch British publishers. My ESL teaching was surrounded by solid methods, great support and feedback for years and years. It was a true pleasure to teach English in my home country, Hungary, and even more joy to continue my teaching career in Toronto, offering language instruction to students of so many nationalities. ….. Then I decided to learn and then teach French, and I suddenly found myself in a huge mess! Very stressful, ridiculous French-teaching world in Canada. (I hear there have been decades of it!!!) I have tried so many books, worksheets, lessons and ideas from other French teachers, but only now that I seriously switched to AIM, do I really see a true sense of this Core French teaching. (I kind of touched AIM 10 years ago, then I was sucked back into the swamp of mish-mash teaching.) I see the benefits already. I love, for example, how the rewards and positive reinforcement makes such a difference. Teaching 33 gr 7/8 students was a complete nightmare, until I switched to AIM a month ago, and now we are on a dynamic journey together. Totally more work than before but it is so worth it. …Back to my health as a Core French teacher in this country: I literally feel my blood pressure normalize. My anxiety is going. Your created a truly meaningful and fun system!
Thank you! I could go on and on, as I continue this approach, but I’m sure you have many things to do. Many many thanks.”
Gabor Glen, Orchard Public School – Port Carling, Ontario