“I would just like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for having the resources ready for me to use as we transitioned very quickly from the classroom to online learning.  I used AIM as a portion of my teaching program and could easily have just gone with AIM and nothing else. I’m too tired to make a plan for the fall, but regardless of whether or not we are in the class, or online, or a combo, I will be purchasing online resources for my students.
The resources but also the amazing customer service have been deeply appreciated. Any time I had a question, or couldn’t figure something out, someone got back to me promptly, and I know it was a very busy time for you. MERCI beaucoup.”


Lucinda Henneveld – St John Brebeuf Catholic Highschool, Abbotsford, BC
“I’m enjoying using your method more and more. I’m sure you have heard a lot of praise and all kinds of positive feedback, but I want you to know that using AIM is also having some really good effects on my health! I cannot believe that so many Core French teachers still have to scramble constantly, panicking, looking for ideas and materials on the internet. My background is teaching ESL (mostly EFL in previous years) and the program was always more concrete, with fantastic resources from top-notch British publishers. My ESL teaching was surrounded by solid methods, great support and feedback for years and years. It was a true pleasure to teach English in my home country, Hungary, and even more joy to continue my teaching career in Toronto, offering language instruction to students of so many nationalities. ….. Then I decided to learn and then teach French, and I suddenly found myself in a huge mess! Very stressful, ridiculous French-teaching world in Canada. (I hear there have been decades of it!!!) I have tried so many books, worksheets, lessons and ideas from other French teachers, but only now that I seriously switched to AIM, do I really see a true sense of this Core French teaching. (I kind of touched AIM 10 years ago, then I was sucked back into the swamp of mish-mash teaching.) I see the benefits already. I love, for example, how the rewards and positive reinforcement makes such a difference. Teaching 33 gr 7/8 students was a complete nightmare, until I switched to AIM a month ago, and now we are on a dynamic journey together. Totally more work than before but it is so worth it. …Back to my health as a Core French teacher in this country: I literally feel my blood pressure normalize. My anxiety is going. Your created a truly meaningful and fun system!
Thank you! I could go on and on, as I continue this approach, but I’m sure you have many things to do. Many many thanks.”
Gabor Glen, Orchard Public School – Port Carling, Ontario

“Wendy- you’ve done an incredible job with the program. I have many, many students who were non-participatory last year , who are talking, and enjoying French. My autistic gr. 4r gets angry -in French! and sometimes makes jokes- in French!I!

I have a principal who asked permission to speak in English in my grade 5 class, and you could guess, the class told him he had to speak in French. I could go on and on and on …..

I started attending your sessions in 1995 at the OMLA conference, and it’s been a very enlightening experience.

Thanks ever so much!”

Louise Carson – Harrison P.S. Toronto

“I see success every time I use the AIM Program (which is everyday!). I can’t believe how, over a decade ago, it has provided me with the perfect tools to impart the importance of second language learning to others in a fun and confidence-building way. I should be thanking YOU for his opportunity to see everyday success stories. So, THANK YOU!”

Tamara Scott, Brentwood Bay B.C.

“What has amazed everyone is the easy at which the students are communicating, the enthusiasm they demonstrate and how incredible fast they make the leap into written work! You have made and incredible product…how could anyone go back to the “old ways”.

Have a great day…you continue to be making mine!”

Tim Dittrick – Linden Christian School

“I couldn’t be more amazed and thrilled with my students’ success. Every day I go into work, I feel like I am making a difference. as a FSL teacher, I feel so successful because finally my students feel successful. The spontaneous speech that is occurring between the students is becoming more and more natural and much more frequent… that has never happened in any FSL class I have taught in 7 years. I cannot wait to introduce more students next year to French.. I am already looking excited for them. Some of my students this year feel confident enough with their French (grade 4, first year) that during their library time, they take out French books (we are a dual track school).

This is the best thing that has happened to me in my years of teaching.”

Kerry Hooton

“Firstly I’d like to pass on my deepest respect and a heartfelt thank you for creating such a wonderful method for teaching languages (namely French, as it is the language I teach), but I’m sure all language teaching will benefit from your breakthrough approach. I am absolutely loving it and it is allowing me to be more confident with only speaking French in class without feeling that students will be overwhelmed. I really feel that I’m teaching the whole language, instead of just bits and pieces of it that don’t quite stick in students’ brains. Languages are quite challenging to teach in Australia as we are so isolated here, so it is wonderful to hear the students speaking so well and see the ‘light’ of learning in their eyes!”

Hana Zappner – Beaconhills College in Melbourne, Australia.

“Totally innovative method that works! So impressed with students spoken French and interpretive skills.”

Sara Woodward-Jones, New York

“This is a very well thought out methodology! From scaffolding, setting high expectations, fluency, internalization, etc, it allows students to read, speak and think in the target language. I plan to use AIM for the rest of my career.”

Daphne LeMaire

“AIM is such a great methodology! I use it every day in my teaching. Pared down language and the gesture approach are two revolutionary ideas for language teaching. I’m constantly recommending it to different people.”

Andrew David