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    • I see students who transfer in from schools with the thematic approach who can barely utter a few words in the target language and describe a picture using lists of words while my AIM students can hold entire conversations with each other and can write paragraphs to describe not only what is in the photo but what they believe has happened and will happen next. I also know my kids are not just surviving but thriving in a vibrant, fun, fast-paced classroom where they speak French with their friends and learn together.

      Cheryl A. Roper
      AIM Certification Mentor
      French Teacher, NBCT
      AIM Certified Teacher

    • “I do not want to be a language teacher without the AIM program. There is no question in my mind that this is the best program out there to simulate the natural language acquisition process. You have truly changed my life as well as my students’ lives.”

      Stephanie Rodgers
      Spanish Teacher - Liberty High School, Bealeton VA, USA
    • ”The AIM approach to teaching French is one that helps all children become successful at learning a second language. I have watched our students using the language after just ninety hours of instruction. And… most exciting, is that they absolutely love French class.” 

      Gail Ruddy
      Head - York House School, Vancouver BC, Canada
    • “A Second language program that’s based on all this research, on all this understanding of how children learn has to work and what I am excited about with this program is that it does work!”

      David Booth
      Professor Emeritus, OISE, University of Toronto
    • “If I had to choose one thing that distinguishes AIM from the more typical [second language] classrooms it’s the level of emotional investment that kids have in the process and the fun that they are having. AIM …gets kids involved, they are reading stories… acting out stories, they are becoming involved. They see themselves in the stories. They are having fun with the stories and they are also able to be creative with the language at a much earlier stage.”

      Jim Cummins
      Professor Emeritus, OISE, University of Toronto
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    The primary goal of Wendy Maxwell’s Accelerative Integrated Methodology (AIM) is to help students develop a working proficiency – oral and written – in a second or foreign language in just 100 hours of classroom instruction!

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    AIM takes what language teachers do naturally and puts it all into a simple format that creates astounding results, bringing to teachers an engaging and easy-to-use classroom methodology…

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    Our formula to achieving student proficiency in 100 hours

    AIM is unlike any other language teaching resource! It’s effectiveness stems from its unique and simple to use strategies. To ensure that students achieve the highest level of proficiency possible, training is highly recommended. AIM offers many different types of training such as face-to-face sessions, live online webinars and a self paced option…

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    In our teaching kits you will find everything you need to deliver our methodology to your students. AIM allows for flexibility, differentiation and customization. Experience the excitement of seeing your students reading, writing and speaking, within hours of beginning AIM!…

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    See what teachers are saying about AIM!

    ” What was my teaching life like pre-AIM? I cringe when I now look back and realise how little productive language my students had. Now my students love French and the parents too. I could never return to the old method of teaching! ” Debbie Summers – Sydney, Australia…

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