“If I haven’t said it enough to you over the years, thank you for helping me have the best teaching years of my life. AIM truly made me love my work and see my students grow and shine every day. What you have created is truly incredible and I am forever grateful.”

Joëlle Rudick, Teacher

“Dear Wendy, I wanted to write a message to let you know how grateful I am for the work you did for French teacher. It’s the end of the school year and I look back at all the people I was lucky to meet, and meeting you at a Summer Institute in 2008 was such a turning point for me. After 11 years in New Zealand I am now in Ireland but still so impressed by the quality of the AIM resources, the way the vocabulary and grammar are scaffolded and every year I have students who tell me thank you for teaching me languages in a way I can understand. And that is thanks to you and your research and your work. Thanks for being such an inspiration Wendy!”

I placed an order for four new AIM kids on Monday and they have already arrived. THEY ARE AMAZING. I’ve been using the kits from 2006 and these new ones are an amazing upgrade. They’re extremely organized and provided immediate answers to some questions I’ve had along the way so thanks so much for the clarity! So excited to start using these new resources!!!!

Thanks again for the work that you do!



Raven Nickel – Teacher

“Teachers of FSL understand very well “WHAT” they are supposed to be teaching.  They have embraced the New Curriculum, the concept of Action Oriented Tasks, and the need for more Spontaneous Oral Interaction among students.  The Accelerative Integrated Method, or AIM, is the only method that gives teachers the “HOW”.  AIM enables teachers to increase students’ confidence and proficiency in order to be able to interact spontaneously in authentic tasks as outlined in the new curriculum.”

Jennifer Moodie TOSA FSL K-12

“It’s this program that has given me the tools to be the teacher I want to be”

Mary Kay Beck – Southfield School, Shreveport, Louisiana