“My students in Grade 5/6 Core French are able to write page-long essays and longer stories even using the past tense! With AIM I feel confident that when I only speak French in class my students understand. I can’t say enough about this methodology. It works!”

Lisa Venn, Ontario

“Because of Wendy, many teachers in BC have been able to teach French successfully in schools, even without having our own proficiency at first. The AIM program gave me the knowledge, confidence, and tools to teach hundreds of students in Grades K-7 in a French-Only instructional environment. These students developed a passion for the French language through stories, drama, games, writing and most of all SPEAKING.”

Rica Durnin, Vancouver B.C.

“I am amazed at how much my students have accomplished in such a short time with the AIM program! Their pronunciation, comprehension and ability to construct meaningful messages are really impressive. I have been using the AIM program with my grades 4, 5, and 6 students only since September yet my students’ skills with the language and their enjoyment of their French experience is so far above that of students I have taught in the past using a traditional theme-based program. The emphasis on oral language and the strategies suggested for developing vocabulary and language knowledge are very effective. I feel that I am becoming a much better French teacher through this program. Thank you for Histoires en action!”

Diane Wyman, Toronto ON

“Love teaching again. I’ve been looking for years to try and teach in the target language 100% of the time no one could show me how and I could not figure it out. This method lays it all out for you and I’ve even become more confident in French. I’m the teacher I’ve always wanted to be.”

Maritza Chavez-Cisneros

“I absolutely LOVE teaching with AIM. This is the only methodology I know of that gives students a real voice in a new language right from day one. As a teacher, I am constantly inspired by my students’ capacity to express themselves naturally and with enthusiasm, and they in turn tell me how much fun they have in their lessons. I am enjoying being one of the pioneers of AIM in the UK and look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of this game-changing approach to language learning.”

Lynn Cook French AIM Teacher, UK

“Wendy, I can’t tell you enough how much I am enjoying using this program at our school. I am teaching core French to grades 2-8, and this is really the first full year of rolling it out for all of those grades. I am AMAZED at how students are starting to communicate with me, how enthusiastic most students are, and that this really works. I am truly enjoying my job and seeing the fruits of it. My youngest students are my favorite, because I am starting their French at the very beginning with them, and they are blowing me away. I just about fell off my chair when they ACTUALLY said the play while I gestured it for them.

I am hoping to attend another seminar once I finish this school year so I can do the Level 2 workshop and improve my practice even more.

Thank you, thank you!”

Laura Lee – Primary/Elementary Core French, Waterloo Ontario

“I found AIM a few years ago in a desperate search. I had taught for years and longed to see my students attain some level of proficiency in the target language and was dissatisfied with all the methods I had tried, but I did not feel like I had the time to write my own curriculum. I stumbled upon AIM and decided to give it a try.

Now that I have used the AIM method, I would not teach any other way. My current elementary students are speaking more proficiently than my high school students who were taught using traditional methods. AIM makes language learning enjoyable for students, but also pushes them to think critically and express themselves creatively. I love that the curriculum guide is so teacher-friendly and that there are so many resources available to AIM teachers (online teacher training, in-person conferences, etc) to help us thoroughly understand the method and teach it effectively.

Using the AIM method has brought much joy into what I do each day. Seeing the progress my students are making is every language teacher’s dream. I love to see them make connections and speak spontaneously.”

Jenny Purath, AIM Spanish teacher

“This is my third year using the Aim program. Thank you so much for the wonderful resources you continue to develop and make available to all of us teachers.
I am thrilled with the program and even more thrilled with the amazing progress of all of my girls. It has been especially fabulous to watch the growth of my grade 1 class. I began the first day of school in French and haven’t looked back. They are able to communicate and continue to amaze me with their learning each day. Thank you again.”

Nicole Workman Winnipeg, Manitoba

“My partner teacher and I love teaching with the AIM. We have both appreciated so much all the research you have put into the method, especially the work on how the brain learns.”

Morgan Chapman – Primary French Specialist, Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School

“The gesture method is so effective, it’s almost unbelievable. I used to stagger in with a big bin of props after hours of prep, and stand on my head trying to keep the kids focused. This is quick and easy, and I’m very happy with the results thus far.”

Debbie Soroczan, Ottawa