“I’ve been teaching with AIM for the past SIX years and absolutely love it! The results are incredible and it makes my job rewarding and so fun! There is no way I’ll ever go back to the old school approach! Great job, Wendy!”

Steve Lai

“I had a student last week that told me that I was an AMAZING teacher! She told me that she has been trying to learn Spanish since high school with no luck or enjoyment and that finally she is learning Spanish (and having fun), even thinking in Spanish. And she thanked me!! I almost cried! And this is happening so far with only 20 hours of instruction. Can you imagine my excitement? Another student was absent for two classes in a row and came to me to apologize and told me: “I hated to miss your class. Spanish is my favorite class. I’m learning so much…and is the only class that I’m really happy.” It touched my heart!”

Yohanna Jiménez Adjunct Professor William Carey University, Mississippi

“AIM is the most comprehensive method of teaching French I have come across so far. I teach it in two separate schools in Dublin, Ireland. The principal in one school says it’s the way forward for French in the school and has expanded the programme to other classes. The big thing is that the kids are actually able to SPEAK the language!!!! It’s a huge breakthrough. Everything else comes after. Even after a couple of classes the kids are able to piece together “can I go to the bathroom?” in French. So much more to say but there’s so much potential here. Thanks Wendy!”

Tim Telford, Ireland

“In my ten years of teaching core French, this resource has provided my students with the greatest tool in accelerating their fluency in French. It is an authentic, communicative approach, where the learning of a second language is student-centered. I have found that my students who are IEPs and struggle with learning a second language have succeeded greatly in the program. It is important to begin at the primary level, JK/SK. This is where they will obtain acquisition of language fluency learning.”

Tracy Pike, Teacher, Core French, Notre Dame Catholic School, Ontario

“Using the AIM Spanish program has transformed my students into competent Spanish communicators at all levels in less than four months and has made my classroom into an exciting, motivating and fun environment. My relationship with my students has also undergone a positive transformation: since using the AIM program, we have developed a greater closeness and mutual positive regard. This program delivers, period. I would strongly recommend it to any teacher!”

Alexandra Simsilevich Brampton, Ontario

“It’s this program that has given me the tools to be the teacher I want to be”

Mary Kay Beck

“Words simply cannot describe just how much I adore teaching French this year…I have so much fun with my students…more and more every day! Today was especially fun & funny and it’s all happening almost entirely en français, thanks to AIM Language Learning ! Singing, dancing, joking, acting, writing, reading, drawing oh and constant speaking, too…the fun and laughs never stop! Wish I could bottle up that amazing feeling I get every day when something funny happens and we all laugh and talk about it en français! Thank you, AIM and Wendy Maxwell —She is my hero!”

Audrey Misiano

“I have taught languages for years but no method I have ever used can compare with the AIM! The ingenious use of hand gestures for every word and the careful choice of high-frequency words embedded in the context of stories transfers spontaneously into everyday use. The language becomes part of the children. They are speaking with proper syntax and grammar without any effort.

…I am so thankful to have found such an effective method, and would never teach any other way!”

Maryse West, Teacher, Lake Ridge Academy

“When teachers hear my students speaking French or see their written work, many assume they are products of French immersion. AIM has not only helped me elevate my own teaching practice, it has given the gift of a second language to my students. The methodology enables me to connect with students in the target language and thus I can always make my curriculum relevant, current, student emergent and meaningful!”

Shannon Bourbonnais – AIM Certified Teacher, York House School Vancouver B.C.

“I have been most excited by the way in which they write the creative stories after working on a play. The quality is very high. The students’ knowledge, comfort and comprehension with the language they are using surpassed all my expectations. They are proud of themselves too! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jennifer de Boer, Core French teacher, Saanichton, BC