“AIM has opened the door for so much learning in my students. They are so comfortable speaking French! The program is easy to follow and so much fun to implement as well!”

Dana Szabadi, Teacher, R. Tait McKenzie Public School

“The joy in my students’ eyes, their much improved learning of a second language and the passion I have found everyday in following something that I love is what AIM has brought to my teaching”

Anila Kongoli, Teacher, Bayview Glen School

“If students could experience this type of learning success in every subject, we would bring education to an entirely different level for our kids! This is truly an incredible program.”

Angelle Rickard, Teacher, Holy Saviour School

“Thanks to AIM, this little high school from East Vancouver is now doing an AP course!”

Gwen Oger-Black, Gladstone High School, VSB

“I am amazed at how quickly students grasp the language. I have never seen such a break through as far as education is concerned in any other subject as powerful as this.”

Tim Dittrick – French Specialist (4-6) Ralph Maybank & Ryerson, AIM Certified Teacher

“Parents were telling me that their children are practising the gestures at the dinner table, in the bathtub, in the car on the way home!!!! The parents are amazed at how “into it” the kids are. I’m especially pleased with my Special Ed. classes. They’re working at the same level as all the others!!! I’m a happy, happy teacher!”

Emma Tilbury – Crestwood School, Toronto, ON

“I just finished an LTO using AIM for the first time and I am overwhelmed with the results I had in just three months as were the principal and teachers! My kids told me that they had learned more French in 3 months than they had in 2 years and were so upset that they wouldn’t be able to complete the play! I seriously love AIM and love it more because the kids love it and learned so much in such a small amount of time! I was also told by one student that they used to hate French and now it’s their favourite subject. I’m just in disbelief and so so glad I decided to use AIM for teaching French!”

Maija Emilija – Toronto, ONT